My family and I stayed in Fuengirola for almost three weeks to end our monthlong stay in Spain.


The grilled calamari at Europa is the best Calamari I’ve ever had

Having gone to many restaurants, it would be hard to talk about all the ones I’ve been to so I’ll talk about two of my favorite places: Europa (see https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g315915-d5969563-Reviews-Restaurante_Europa-Fuengirola_Costa_del_Sol_Province_of_Malaga_Andalucia.html on trip advisor) and Munchies (see https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g315915-d10219097-Reviews-Munchies_Smokehouse_and_Bar-Fuengirola_Costa_del_Sol_Province_of_Malaga_Andaluci.html on trip advisor.)

Europa is the best place in Fuengirola for seafood, meat, Italian, and really anything you want to eat. The owner owns three restaurants all next to each other and most of the wait staff runs back and forth between all three. The service is ok, however, when you ask for the check, be prepared to wait 20-40 minutes (yes, we actually waited that long.)

Munchies is the best place in Fuengirola. They boast about the best burger on the coast. When my dad saw the sign he laughed. We eventually tried it and it was the best burger on all coasts in my opinion. My only advice is to not order a double. the service is great, the owner is nice and it’s cleaner than any burger place I’ve been to in the states.


In Fuengirola, most traffic circles have some sort of statue

Sights in Fuengirola are just about everywhere. There’s a square by the beach that has a carousel, several statues and it’s always active at night (see nightlife section of this post) and the views of the beach are amazing as well.


I’ve never actually been to Area 51 but I thought it was funny that a bar in Spain is named after Area 51.

Fuengirola has many bars, clubs and restaurants open late. A lot of the places on the main street are really expensive however some are either fairly cheap or have good deals you can take advantage. A lot of the places that are not on the main street seem ok, but if someone approaches you to try and show you a club, don’t go to the club they are promoting. I went to one and I didn’t go in after I saw that it was a strip club.


The picture on Air BNB of the apartment we stayed in.

I love the apartment we stayed in, the only downside was that we didn’t have WiFi. The view was ok, the location was amazing. We were near everything. We couldn’t walk a block without being near something.


The view from the beach was amazing everywhere.

My brother and I went to the beach every day and every couple days my dad, mom, or both would join us. While I don’t love the beach (in fact I actually hate it) it ended up being fun most days. I definitely recommend getting paddles and a ball for while you’re there.

Just the Guys

One of the most interesting experiences of my life was being with my dad and brother without my mom. She left Fuengirola on July 3 and my brother, my dad and I stayed in Fuengirola for about two weeks. None of us speak Spanish very well (or at all) so it was fun trying to get around that significant barrier.

Lessons Learned

  • It is important to know how to order food in whatever language the country you are visiting speaks
  • If you rent an apartment, unless you have work that needs it, don’t make wifi a priority because you could miss out on a nice place.
  • Going for a run most mornings is good for your body and will energize you for the day
  • Trying new foods is good, especially when new foods is grilled Calamari


I’ll be sad to leave Spain, but I know I’ll be back soon and I’m excited to see my friends for a little bit. I’m also excited knowing that when I come back in late August or early September I will be able to move to Malaga.

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