5 Best Lessons I Learned While in Spain


I feel like while I was in Spain (for the vacation portion of my year abroad) I learned a lot of lessons for travel in general, too many to write in one blog post, so I want to share the 5 most important ones.

Lesson one: Learn some of the language

When traveling to a country, it is very important to learn some of the language. I highly recommend that you learn how to say “where is (insert place you go often)” as well as hello, bye, please, thank you and other pleasantries. I also highly recommend that you learn how to order food. For France and Spain, it’s really easy if you know English since all you really need to learn how to say is “and,” “please” and “thank you.”

Lesson two: Always have cash

Assuming you are a gullible tourist like myself, you will need to always have cash. Most of the “tourist traps” are cash only businesses and for the service-based businesses they usually don’t tell you the cash only part until you are getting ready to pay.

Lesson three: Use trusted websites for renting apartments

I think I may have said this in just about all my blog posts so far and I will say it every day until I die. Using something new can be enticing, however, if you don’t do your research you can be scammed very easily. My personal recommendation is Airbnb, however, if you know of any other ones that are trustworthy that should work as well.

Lesson four: Download movies before your trip

If you are like me and watch as little tv as possible (that’s very much a lie) but watch tv on the plane I highly recommend downloading stuff for the flight to and from your destination beforehand. You may have trouble downloading on Netflix in a foreign country or you may end up with really bad Wifi that won’t download movies or tv shows.

Lesson five: Pack light, shop while there

When I went to Spain I packed light, but not light enough. I ended up borrowing space in my brother’s suitcase to pack clothes. Besides the packing issue, you can get a lot of really nice clothes in foreign countries you may not be able to find in your country.

Lesson 6: A bonus lesson for entrepreneurs

When on vacation it is really easy to find a way to make a small amount of income that takes less than an hour a day. Finding it can lead to so much more, so I highly recommend doing it. Just remember that even if you’re not making a ton of money it’s better than nothing and it’s a stepping stone.


Following these 5 (6) lessons you can maximize your enjoyment and/or success of your vacation or travel in general.

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