First Week Back in Malaga


I had to go to the US for about a month to get my visa, take the SAT, help my dad and brother move in, and see some friends and family. Then, on August 28, my mom and I flew back to Malaga to start our year in Spain.


We flew on Aer Lingus, an airline I had never flown on before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. On the flight to Dublin, some of the flight attendants were a little bit rude, but overall the flight experience was enjoyable. I can’t talk much about the flight from Dublin to Malaga because I was asleep the whole time.


On Thursday of last week, we landed in Malaga and after getting our bags we went to our apartment (pictures available on my Instagram @herethereneverywhere) and settled in. We talked with our landlords about some of the specifics, and then went out to lunch. When we got back my mom took a nap and I forced myself to stay up (a mistake I would regret later.) When she woke up, we walked around and had dinner on the port. Walking home, I was so tired I swear I almost fell asleep in the street. When we got home, I sat down on my bed and passed out. From 9 pm to around 12 am I slept like a baby. And then I couldn’t sleep again until 5 or 6. Jet lag had clearly struck.


On Friday, after a terrible night of sleep, my mom and I went to see about WiFi for our apartment. We couldn’t get WiFi until we had a bank account, which we couldn’t get until we got residency (at most banks) which would take a month. No Bueno. So, we started that process on Wednesday by figuring out papers we needed to get. Then we went home for a nap (this time, I made the smart decision to just sleep.) We ended up sleeping about three hours then went to explore our neighborhood. We went to the Dia (think Safeway but much smaller and just as crowded) to get stuff for dinner. We then had a relaxing night of playing Europoly (monopoly, but with European cities instead of properties) and walked around Malaga a little bit.


Friday night we slept about 12 hours (yes, 12) so we decided since half the day was already over, we should get some important housing stuff done and went to Ikea by bus. We got a lot of stuff we needed and learned where a lot of the stuff our landlord had gotten for the apartment. I had not been to an Ikea since I was probably five, so we had to get the Swedish meatballs for dinner. I’d heard good things, but they exceeded expectations.


On Sunday we had a semi-relaxing day (although, I did have to take care of some assignments earlier in the day) and an early dinner at PizzaMore, after which we walked down to the beach and the port. I have to say, even though I’m not a beach person, the views from the beach and port are gorgeous (I’ll post a picture on my Instagram @herethereneverywhere.)


On Monday we took an Uber to the office where we thought we were going to get our residency card. Of course, nothing ever works out how you think it will. We ended up in a lawyer’s office to get our paperwork sorted. We found out that we couldn’t until the 24th… of October. So, we walked into about 345678987678 banks and finally got a non-resident account and then went to Orange to get WiFi and phones. Afterwards I got a haircut and we walked home. Overall, Monday was a long and tiring, yet productive, day.


Tuesday was a much needed mostly-work day for the most part. I started my day by going for a run (great way to increase productivity) and then walked to a café to work. I got two assignments done and was able to do a lot of internship work. Wednesday was more of the same.


Looking back on the first week, I am so in love with Spain and feel blessed to have the opportunity to do my senior year here.

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