Barcelona Trip


My trip to Barcelona was from September 16 – 21. A friend of my mother’s lives in Barcelona. He was going on a business trip and offered us his apartment for a few days. We happily accepted. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for allowing this amazing trip to be possible!

First Day: Sitges

My mom and I timed our trip to be there a day before her friend left for Germany. After exploring Air BNB for an hour, we decided that staying in Barcelona was not the best option because we found an amazing place not far from Barcelona that was less than two miles from the beach. We each did a little bit of work, her on proposals and me on content design for one of my Instagram accounts (you can follow @the.dailyentrepreneur to see what I designed) and then walked to the beach for dinner.  Afterwards, we went home, and my mom worked some more, and I watched some of the Jets game before going to bed.

Barcelona Day 1

On the first day we were in Barcelona, my mom’s friend greeted us and showed us the ins and outs of his apartment. It is a very nice apartment near a downtown shopping area. It is also near plenty of restaurants and 24-hour grocery stores, both of which came in handy several times. Afterwards we went to a brunch place that was less than a block away. The restaurant is called El Arbol Brunch ARIBAU. If you are ever in Barcelona, you must check it out. We then hung out in the apartment for a little bit and I took a nap because I had not gotten much sleep the night before. We then walked around, got some travel toiletries. For dinner, we stopped at a ramen/pho restaurant that I never got the name of. All I have to say is that the ramen in Spain is much better than in DC.

Barcelona Day 2

On the second day of our trip we had breakfast from the Granier. Afterwards I went to the gym. The gym in Barcelona is much nicer than the one in Malaga (our membership is with a chain which is nice for traveling) but it was kind of annoying that it was 5 floors and each floor had a different purpose (i.e. one floor was the locker room, another was for cardio and another was for weights.) Afterwards, my mom and I had lunch at the brunch place from the day before (we ate there all but one day out of loyalty) and then I read part of my new book: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I highly recommend this book for any entrepreneur and especially for people who feel that they want to improve their people skills. We then did some shopping and had dinner at a restaurant near our apartment. Afterwards, we had a sort of family movie night and watched part of The Great Gatsby.

Barcelona Days 3 and 4

On our third day in Barcelona we went about our normal routine (I went to the gym, read a little bit, we went for a walk, etc.) when we stumbled upon GBSB, a local business school in Barcelona. I stopped in and asked about meeting with someone to ask some questions and the receptionist took down my contact information. The next day while I was walking to the gym I got a call to make an appointment for an interview, so I set the appointment for the next day (Friday, September 20) and after my workout I went shopping for a shirt. Again, we had dinner near our apartment and on the third and fourth days of our trip we watched a little more of the movie.

Barcelona Day 5

On the morning of September 20 we ate at the brunch place with the friend of my mother’s friend who let us stay in his apartment. Afterwards, I wrote an essay for my class. Then I went to the gym and went back home and got ready for my interview at GBSB. I got there and it turned out that they had not told me my interview was over the phone. I felt a little annoyed because I had gotten dressed up for the interview, but I did the interview in a conference room, went home and then my mom and I went out. We went to El Corte Ingles and did more shopping and afterwards we were walking home and saw a protest. At first we assumed environment, but after seeing a few signs and reading them as best we could (they were in Spanish) we came to the conclusion that it was a protest against violence. We then went to another restaurant near the apartment and went home to pack for the journey home the next day.


The flight to Barcelona was very smooth. We had a small delay but took off within a half-hour of the listed time which, by our standards, is good. Part 7 of The Ranch had just come out on Netflix and I was able to download it from home in Malaga, so I was all set. Besides, the flight was under 2 hours.

The flight back was not nearly as smooth. As soon as we got to the gate after rushing across the airport, we got an E-Mail that said we would be delayed two and half hours. I asked at the gate and they said they weren’t sure and that it could be longer. My mom and I were preparing for the worst. After what felt like 5 hours (it was like an hour and a half) we boarded the plane and took off. Once again, the flight itself was smooth.

I highly recommend flying with Vueling.Com for any of your travels inside Europe. I am concerned about their baggage checking system (they don’t protect the checked luggage with a tarp like I’m used to with United and other larger airlines) and I would not fly with them if you are pressed on time but, overall, it was a very good experience!


Barcelona is probably my 3rd favorite city in the WORLD. It combines aspects of Paris and New York City, my 2nd and 1st favorite cities, respectively. I’d like to thank my mom for her hard work, and her friend for letting us stay in his apartment, for making this trip possible!

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