NFL Football – A guide for watching abroad


The NFL playoffs have just concluded. The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will play on February 2nd for the Superbowl. Being a huge football fan, I had to watch a few playoff games. During the regular season I would watch a few games when I had time (I was always checking scores) on YouTube TV. During the playoffs, I found a few bars that showed the games, so I went to check some out. Here is a detail of my experience.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is great for watching TV in general, not just NFL or in another country. In fact, it is even better in the United States. In other countries, you might need a VPN. Here are the pros and cons of using YouTube TV


  • Watch from the comfort of your own home
  • Do not have to worry about strangers getting the channel changed (a big problem in Europe when there is soccer playing)


  • VPN most likely required
  • VPN can cause slow connection to Wi-Fi for other devices on the network
  • Video quality can be very poor
  • YouTube TV can be expensive

Go to a Sports Bar

The other option you have is to go to a sports bar. This too has many pros, and many cons.


  • A lot have NFL RedZone allowing you to watch many games at the same time.
  • Meet other people (I have met quite a few Americans while watching football)
  • Watch other sports at the same time (if you’re interested)
  • Getting a drink once or twice a week is cheaper than YouTube TV


  • Someone may get the channel changed to another sport
  • Can be loud (but let’s be honest, if you’re an American football fan, this is a pro)


I personally prefer watching football in a bar. If you are in Malaga, a good one to go to is Las Tortugas Bar in plaza Merced, but many others show it as well. If you know of any other good places to go, or platforms to use, to watch American football in Malaga, let me know!

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